Megan is a stylist and editor of Live Plentiful.

Hi there!  My name is Megan.

 I am a stay at home mom to two princesses, wardrobe stylist, yoga instructor, and Huffington Post Contributor.  I am the stylist behind The Fashionista Momma where I offer wardrobe styling for commercials, videos and dressing for NYFW.  Also, I am the owner and editor of Live Plentiful.

Live Plentiful is a lifestyle media brand providing inspiring and informative content across multiple platforms.  Our focus is to inspire women to live life to the fullest, focusing on fashion, beauty, decor, travel, recipes, fitness tips and so much more.

Today, women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.  We are high paid executives, wives, mothers, sisters, friends.  We want to be beautiful, fit, and fashionable all well running a home, and an office.  It’s not always easy but, take time for you.  You deserve it.

  Here on The Fashionista Momma you will find a lot of style, beauty and tips for the busy every day mom.  So, if you ever have a request send me an email at