Happy Saturday lovelies.  I hope you all had a great week.  Mine was a tiny bit crazy.  I had an injured dog and sick little girl.  My husband was traveling, which left me running people all over in the rain.  It was total craziness.  I did the vet on Monday night and Urgent Care first thing Tuesday morning.  I swear every time my husband has a long trip planned, something goes crazily wrong in our house.  This was just part of it but, I could go on and on about my two days without my husband.  I will save you the story but, seriously why does it happen like that?  It’s like a test, just to see how much I can take before I will drink a whole bottle of wine, curl up in the corner, and cry.  The week finished on a better note, everyone is feeling better and it was just small things for everyone.  Injured back for the dog and ear infection with the kid.  Let me apologize for my puffy eyes and dark circles.

I know my favorite outfit jeans and a white shirt.  It’s just so perfect.  I had to mix it up with these new Steve Madden boots, this fun Christian LaCroix bag and this perfect mint Swell Caroline necklace.  Swell Caroline is a small jewelry e-commerce site that delights in all things bright, colorful, preppy, and monogrammed. They have the perfect jewelry piece for every type of girl.  I received this perfect statement Sibley necklace to share with all of you.  Enjoy.


swell caroline





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As always, here is your link up details for this week, and I hope you all have a great Saturday.

The Fashionista Momma