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  Hi Lovelies.  Happy Wednesday.  Today, I have another Successful Mom to share with you.  I would like to introduce to Erin from Hi Lovely and Webvega.  We will jump right in with a little intro from Erin.

I’m Erin and I came to Austin at 22 years old to get out of the little bubble I was living in. I needed some “weird” in my life and boy, does Austin dish it out. Within five years here I years got hitched, moved to the burbs and had a baby. A quick 5 years! I’m a mom and agency owner by day and a blogger by night. 

Successful Mom Series with Erin from Hi Lovely and Webvega.
1. You run a digital advertising and a blog.  Which did you start first?  
I started the blog (Hi Lovely) first, very casually and a little at a time, I was working full time running one of the most-successful stores in the company, so blogging was not top priority. I lost my retail job, a true blessing in disguise, and my husband offered me a piece of the agency if I would start the social media and email marketing aspect. I went in head first and it’s been very successful. 
2. How do you juggle a successful advertising firm, a blog and family? 
Honestly, I don’t know how I juggle it all. I do a lot of work at night or during meal times. I work from home so that’s helpful and an obstacle at the same time. I play with my toddler all day until naps where I am able to squeeze in a little work and maintain the house. The blog is the last thing I work on, usually around midnight, in bed. I take blog photos with a remote during nap time which is probably very weird for the neighbors but it’s got to get done!  
3. How many employees do you staff at your digital advertising firm? 
We have all contractors and freelancers. We had 5 – 10 employees at once but their work ethic was not up-to par. It was so hard to find good help. We find working with contract labor is much easier and more efficient.  
4. Has becoming a mom changed the way you run your business and your employees? 
Yes, most definitely. My time management is way different. I have to actually write things down to remember and have a to-do list or things won’t get completed. Before becoming a mom I could do things seamlessly without distraction. Now there’s constant distraction so I have to specifically set aside time for work to get it done. 
5. If there is one thing you would want your son to learn from having a driven mom what would it be? 


He needs to watch out for women in his future endeavors. They will outwit and out work him if he’s not careful. Don’t ever think he can get ahead in life because he’s a male. He also needs to be looking for those characteristics in a woman to marry. Our business wouldn’t be where it is today without me. Plain and simple. 

A bit more about Erin’s endeavors

Webvega is a Marketing Firm that develops integrated marketing communications for businesses nationwide. We are headquartered in Austin. We have the resources, expertise and entrepreneurial mindset necessary to build a profitable internet marketing campaign for your business. 

Hi Lovely is a place to share outfits, babies, treats and travels. Focused on photography, fashion and greater well-being of this new mama’s life. You’ll find me easily seduced by a lovely cup of coffee, a well designed hand bag or a margarita. I might be covered in baby poop one day and diamonds the next. Thus the life of a mom who blogs.  You can also follow her on Instagram.


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  1. December 14, 2016 / 3:44 pm

    Thanks for the feature! The interview was so fun!

    • Fashionista Momma December 15, 2016 / 11:45 pm

      Thank you so much for being a part of the successful mom series. xo ~ Megan

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