24 Perfect Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Happy Wednesday Friends.  If you have young kids in your house you are familiar with the Elf on the Shelf.  Some of you may already have a elf in your house.  But, if you are like me you want the least amount of time to have to remember to move him.  Which gives you 24 days for the elf to make his or hers rounds in your house.  These 24 perfect elf on the shelf ideas have you covered for the whole month of December and are easy to do.  I’m also going to drop some ideas for you to cover up if you forgot to move the little guy.  Because let’s be real he can be a real pain in the ass.

We don’t allow our elf to do anything naughty because my kids need the least amount of influence to cause trouble.  LOL.  He is innocent and doesn’t make messes.  He also brings our 12 days of Christmas gifts.  Which are always fun and you can see some ideas HERE.

24 Perfect Elf on the Shelf Ideas

The Fashionista Momma shares 24 perfect elf on the shelf ideas, that are easy and not destructive.

  1. Welcome Back Party with dolls – Barbies or super hero’s whatever dolls you have in your house set them up for a tea party.
  2. Hiding in the Christmas Tree
  3. Wrapping Up Presents Under The Tree – Give him some gift wrap and set him up with a small present.
  4. Hot Cocoa Party – Put your elf in a coffee mug with marshmallows
  5. Playing Uno With Friends – Another easy setup with other dolls or stuffed animals
  6. Sliding down the banister – Another easy one when you don’t want to set anything up
  7. A friendly note in lipstick on a mirror
  8. Reading a book
  9. Getting a snack in a kitchen cupboard
  10. Folding Laundry
  11. Working Out – We set him up with our workout equipment
  12. Walking a dog – Set the Elf on the Shelf up with a Barbie or American Girl doll dog
  13. Hanging from a chandelier
  14. Making A Snow Angel – Powdered sugar on a plate
  15. Drawing a Picture
  16. Riding on a candy cane sleigh
  17. Dance Party – We just set up a speaker and put all the dolls together
  18. Serving up cookies
  19. Playing doctor or veterinarian
  20. Typing on a computer or playing with an Ipad
  21. Putting a DVD in the playstation or holding a remote control like he was watching television
  22. Sitting at the table with a mini meal setup
  23. Standing on the gingerbread house
  24. Christmas Pajamas are delivered so he is always sitting with the box with a good-bye note

5 Reasons Why The Elf on the Shelf Didn’t Move

  1. He was sick (I mean we all get sick sometimes)
  2. The child misbehaved (I’m sure something happened the day before that could be the reason he didn’t fly back to report)
  3. There was a storm somewhere in the world
  4. He was having so much fun he decided to do whatever it was again
  5. You didn’t sleep so…. He couldn’t leave.



  1. November 29, 2018 / 1:05 am

    These are so cute!

    • December 5, 2018 / 12:30 am

      Thanks Amanda. They are super easy. xo ~ Megan

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