3 Perfect Sunglasses For A Square Face Shape

On to our last two face shapes for this series.  The 3 perfect sunglasses for the square face shape.  The square face is known for having a very defined jaw and is equally proportioned in length.  When choosing a pair of sunglasses you want to look for a pair that will counter the sharp jaw and draw the eye upward.  These 3 different styles are perfect for a square face shape.  If you are looking for other face shapes check them out here.


An oval or round shape is a great pair for a square face.  The sharp jaw lines and well proportioned face will look best with the round soft edges of an oval pair of sunglasses. Try a color or print to mix up your accessories.

Cat Eye

A pair of cat eye sunglasses are another great option for a square face.  The curvy edges help balance the structured jaw.  Play around with colors and prints or find a cat with brow details and you will have a great pair of sunglasses to balance your face shape.

Brow Defined Sunglasses

  A pair of sunglasses with brow definition or details are the perfect sunglasses for an oval face shape.  They will draw the eye upward and create balance to the strong jaw line.  A simple metal detail or color change is a great way to draw the eye up.  Add a fun shape that has soft edges like the new popular heart shaped sunglasses.  You have lots of options, just always keep in mind avoiding very strong geometrical shapes.

The Fashoinista Momma shares the 3 best sunglasses for a square face shape.

Shop the Perfect Sunglasses For A Square Face Shape:

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If you are interested in finding out more about your face shape or body shape, check out my styling tips here.


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