4 Ways To Wear Leather Leggings

Happy Tuesday Friends.  Today, I’m sharing 4 ways to wear leather leggings.  A great pair of faux leather leggings are a must have.  They are super versatile, you can dress them up or down and they are an easy to way to mix up your wardrobe.  I love that you can also find them with zippers and pockets to really pull of  the almost wearing jeans look.  It’s like a fancy jegging. LOL.

A Dress

A pair of faux leather leggings go great underneath a dress to take any of your dresses into the colder months.  I wear black for work so most of my items are black on black.  But this printed dress goes paired perfectly with these leggings. 

The Fashionista Momma shares how to style leather leggings.

Thigh Highs

I love a good pair of leggings with a thigh high boot over the top.  I have learned that thigh high boots aren’t as popular in my little SoCal bubble, but I love them.  They work fantastically to take this look into the evening for a date night. 

The Fashionista Momma shares how to style leather leggings.

A Blazer

Dress up your leather leggings with a blazer.  Since, the outfit for thigh highs also includes a great blazer this looks hits both of these in one outfit.  You can always wear this look with a pair of oxfords or loafers and make it work appropriate. Check out this look here

A Denim Jacket

Dress down your leggings with a good old pair of converse and a denim jacket.  This is the perfect every day look to run errands or for school pickup.   A good ol’ graphic tee or an oversized botyfriend shirt is another way to dress down your leggings.  These leggings can really work for any fashion need.  They are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.  

The Fashionista Momma shares how to style leather leggings.

  Do you own a pair?  What’s your favorite way to style them?  Do you wear them differently? 

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