5 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

With summer just around the corner we will all be in the sun longer and in and out of the pool and beach. These 5 tips for  healthy summer hair will help you keep you hair shiny and healthy until fall.

5 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

Use a leave-in conditioner.

 When you get out of the shower, spray your hair with a leave-in balm. Not only will it help you to detangle your tresses, but it will also keep your hair hydrated throughout the day. If you can find one that contains SPF, even better!! A lot of people don’t realize that our hair could use the protection from the sun just like our skin! My favorite is the Miracle Leave-In by It’s a 10.

Cut down on shampooing.

 I know for some people in hotter areas, it feels SO amazing to take a cold shower at the end of the day & give our hair a good scrub, especially if you’ve been perspiring! But trust me, your hair will THANK you immensely for cutting down to every two days, three is even better! Our scalps produce natural oils that are GREAT for our hair and when you cleanse it too frequently, it can strip it of it’s natural moisturizing benefits. If you must, try rinsing your hair, skipping the shampoo, and just conditioning.

Wet hair with tap water before jumping in the pool.

 Our hair will absorb the first liquid it is exposed to and we definitely don’t want it to be chlorine! Wet your hair under the sink before you take a dip to prevent it from catching a hue of green. That’s never cute!

Skip the hot tools.

 The summer sun is casting enough heat on our hair! Try to cut back on using the blow dryer and hot tools. Embrace those natural beachy waves!


Stay on track with regular trims.

 Whether it’s the hottest Sahara Summer or the most freezing Alaskan winter, get your hair trimmed every 8-10 weeks. Your ends will dry out and snap off the longer you wait in between haircuts and you will wonder why it isn’t growing! Rest assured, its growing, your ends just need some TLC.


Author: Kristen Cruz


Hi! My name is Kristen Cruz and I have been a hairstylist and makeup artist in Southern California for six years! My specialties include balayage/ombre hair color, precision cutting, makeup, and extensions. It is SO important to me as a beauty professional that I educate my clients on how to maintain their hair color and nourish the health of their hair at home. I came up with five tips that will help you keep your hair in tip-top shape during the heat of the summer, especially if you have blonde or colored hair. Find me on instagram! @_KristenC


  1. May 18, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    These are great tips! I’ve never heard that you should wet your hair before swimming. I also need to be better about trims.

    Doused In Pink

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