5 Tips to Teaching Compassion to Children

Hi lovelies.  Happy Monday.  One thing that I am proud of as a mother is how compassionate and kind our girls are.  We may have struggles at home, but I know that when they go to school they are almost always kind.  I have quietly watched from my a far as my older daughter helps a younger child or introduces herself to another kid.  I may not be the world’s best mom, but I do believe that these few things we have done have been key to teaching compassion to our children.

5 Tips for Teaching Compassion to Children by popular Los Angeles blogger The Fashionista Momma

Teaching Compassion: Set An Example

The first thing to teaching compassion children is to be compassionate.  Be kind, volunteer and donate.  Be mindful of what you say about others in front of your children.  Teach them to love all people regardless of what they look like or where they came from.

Teaching Compassion: Don’t Shelter Them

The world is out there.  Don’t hide them from it.  Sickness and death is inevitable.  Not having enough money to eat, is the reality for some.  It may be hard and it may involve tears and a lot of discussions but educate them on life.

Teaching Compassion: Teach Empathy

Teach your children to have empathy.  Explain to them what it’s like to be in the other persons shoes.  Help them understand the homeless man on the corner, or that they can’t go bragging about what they got for Christmas because some children may have not received much for the holiday.  Teaching empathy is such an important piece to raising compassionate children.

Teaching Compassion: Cultural Diversity

Educate them on different religions and different lifestyles.  Cultural diversity is key to being compassionate.  They have to know about all walks of life.  The wealthy, the poor, jewish, christian, white or black.  They need to know people look different.  We don’t all look the same, we aren’t all cut from the same mold.

Teaching Compassion: Don’t Give Up

Know that all young children go through their trials and challenges.  They have to find their own voice.  During that time they may not show too much compassion or kindness for that matter.

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