5 Tips To Get A Morning Workout In

Happy Friday Lovelies.  This week has been another crazy one for the books.  My husband was traveling all week, I have a very heavy school and work load (lots of great things happening for The Fashionista Momma), I interviewed with MAC Cosmetics to transition from a Nordstrom Personal Stylist to a MAC Make-Up Artist and I am so excited to say that in November, I will start as a MAC Make-Up Artist at the Dulles Nordstrom.  So, if you live in NoVA please come in and see me for all your make-up needs.  I am sad to leave the styling program but, with my blog and family needs, the hours were just a little too much for me.  Anyway, that’s why I have been MIA since Saturday.  So, let’s get this party started.  Here are
my tips to help you get yourself up out of bed and get your workout on. 

5 Tips to get a morning workout in
5 Tips To Get A Morning Workout In
1. Use an alarm – I know this one sounds obvious.  Maybe you need to set multiple alarms, or put your alarm across the room, whatever it is DO IT.  Start out slow if you need to.  Set your alarm 15 minutes early, than 30 minutes, and if you really want to go all in a whole hour.
2.  Set your clothes out – Have everything ready to go the night before.  All the way down to shoes and socks.  If that still isn’t enough go to bed in your workout clothes.  Set yourself to succeed.
3.  Set your coffee pot – Now I am not trying to promote coffee drinking but let’s be honest most of us drink it.  So, if this is you get it ready the night before and set it the same time as your alarm.  If you are a hot water, lemon juice person, like me, I just sit out all my stuff on the counter.
4.  Use the buddy system – Recruit your husband or a friend to workout with.  Knowing someone is waiting for you is a great way to force yourself into getting up.  Help each other on the difficult days.

5.  Go to bed early – It doesn’t have to be early but at least a decent time.  Also, try to avoid your phone, tablet, and television before bed.  This will allow you to fall asleep faster and sleep better.  The lights emitted from your electronic device could potentially be reducing your production of melatonin.  You can find more information on sleeping and electronics HERE.

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  1. September 26, 2014 / 10:09 pm

    Great tips! I workout in the morning, and I do mine at home since I have two small children. I sleep in my workout clothes, so I can jump out of bed and squeeze it in before they wake. 🙂

    The Grass Skirt

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