5 Tips To Start A Fashion Blog

Hi Lovelies.  I’m jumping in this week with another post to help you start a blog.  These 5 tips to start a fashion blog will help you get your site up and running efficiently.  It took me a long time to get it together and figure out exactly where I wanted to be.  I really wish I would have done more research before I started, instead of learning as I went.  So, let’s get to these 5 tips that will help you share your personal style with the world.

5 tips to start a fashion blog.

1. Choose Your Niche & Name

  Know what you want to blog about.  Fashion blogs are a big world, so narrow it down.  Maybe you are college style, stylish mom blog (that’s me) or 40 plus.  Once you have decided on your blog niche, choose a name.  Then check the website and all of the social media accounts you would want.  You want your name to be consistent across all platforms.  This was something  I didn’t make happen.  Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat don’t allow enough letters for my name.  So, those accounts are different than my actual webpage.  In order to make it easier for people to find your blog, choose a name that you can register everywhere.  If you are using a unique name and want blogging to be a career choice, I recommend trademarking it.  You don’t want someone else to come in with the trademark and force you to change your blog.

2. Self Host

  Save yourself the trouble of switching your blog and start out self hosting.  I self host with Bluehost and it’s so worth it.  For only $6 a month, you will have your own domain and their customer service is the best!  They host my email, website and they also offer SEO and ad services.  It’s really nice to have everything in one place.

3. Research SEO

This is so important.  Once you know your niche, start researching your keywords.  You want to place these keywords throughout your blog pages and posts.  It is very important to not saturate your posts with these keywords.  Google will flag you as spam.  You have to find a good balance placing the keywords.  I typically place 1-2 keyword sets max in a blog post containing 300-500 words.

4. Camera

  Owning a camera and knowing how to use it is a must.  This may not be in your budget for now, but I definitely recommend that as your blog grows, save your money to purchase a DSLR.  You can always pick up a refurbished one from your local camera store.  Just be sure to research the shop.  Some camera shops can be a rip off selling you something that isn’t a quality product.  One thing I highly recommend is finding a camera that is wifi capable.  This has been such a huge help for me.  I can get my photos onto my phone in minutes.  Then, I can upload to Instagram immediately.

5. Content

  Don’t just post to post.  Make sure you are sharing quality content.  Try to make it unique and useful.  Be consistent on days and times that you post.  You want your readers to know what to expect.  You also want to have new content going live to keep your readers coming back.

  Now this may be a struggle,  because sometimes you just want to write what you want to write.  So, if you have something that resonates with you and you want to share, just be sure that at least 80% of your content is around your niche.  It’s okay to throw in a travel post, or a parenting post, as long as most of your content is focused on your niche.

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