9 Tips To Strengthen Your Marriage

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Hi Lovelies.  To follow up my blogging almost ruined my marriage post from last week, I’m sharing today 9 tips to strengthen your marriage.  These are nine things that Chase and I have been using for the last month and have really helped us move forward.   I owe a big thank you to Crated With Love for sending us our first subscription box to help strengthen our relationship.  Also, a shout out to my dear friend Sammy for some of these tips because he is a genius and the best friend a girl could ask for.

The Fashionista Momma shares 9 tips to strengthen your marriage.

Make Each Other Your Priority

This is by far the most important.  Once you have kids and all of their school activities, work obligations, after school activities and everything else it’s easy to neglect your spouse because you know they will always be there.  You need to make them a priority.  Give the best of yourself to them, not the neighbor or the moms at drop off.  They deserve to have the happy, loving and kind person, not the person who is burnt out and angry.

Write Down All The Things You Like About The Person

Thanks to my dear friend Sammy these next three, were his suggestions and they are amazing.  Write down all the things you like about the person.  Tell them what you love, their strengths,  and the things that make you proud of them.

Write Down All The Things You Want Them To Work On

On the other side of your list write down all the things you want them to work on.  The things that upset, or disappoint you.  This list goes to them.  They can keep this list as a reminder, so that you don’t always have to come back to discuss these things.

Create A Date Jar

This is a great way to get creative with your date nights.  When you find a new idea write it on a piece of paper and have a jar in your common area that you can collect them in.  Then when you are planning a night out, you can grab one and have something fun to do.

Try Crated With Love

The Fashionista Momma shares 9 tips to strengthen your marriage.

This subscription box is my new obsession.  I was a little hesitant, but when we received our first Crated With Love box, I got so excited.  It really has some fun and great ideas to build and strengthen your relationship.  It’s $19.99 every 3 months for a themed date night journey.  Everything is focused on building your relationship through games and discussions.  Our journey was through the jungle titled I love You A Sloth.

Plan Dates

Another great tip to strengthen your marriage is to plan date nights.  This includes weekends away.  You need to dedicate time to your relationship.  We are planning a weekend away in April and I am so excited.  We have never left the girls for more than 24 hours.  Every time we do a date night we quickly remember why we love each other.  Which is just another reason why we need to have them.

Practice Self Care

It’s hard to give the best of yourself to someone else when you aren’t taking care of yourself.  So, practicing self care is key.  Make sure that you are are still doing the things you love and that you are taking time for yourself.

Eat Dinner Together

Sit down as a family without the TV and any other distractions.  Spend time together with your spouse and your children every day.  Talk about your day and really pay attention.

Have Weekly Discussions

  Have weekly discussions about the progress of your relationship.  Come back to those lists and discuss the good things your spouse did and the things you would still like to see some work on.

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