Back To School Style

Hi Lovelies.  I can’t believe that some of you have already headed back to school.  That is just crazy to me.  We haven’t even gone on our big summer vacation yet.  We are the late bloomers of summer, I guess.  Today, I am talking back to school style for boys and girls.  Let’s be real though I have way more items for girls than boys.  Where do all of the boy moms shop?  I have yet to see a cute t-shirt that I like for boys.  They always have some weird saying or graphic.  I found a few cute items, but my faves are always the jackets, shoes and just solid tees.

A few of our favorite back to school items are from H&M.  They have aweome eco-conscious shirts, leggings and dressings that are totally affordable and they are typically buy 2 get 1 free.  So, you can stock up on basics for your kids.  They have cute dresses for $5!! My girls love them.

Shop The Back To School Style:

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We actually purchased these overalls and shoes featured.  Along with a couple of the eco packs from H&M.  I can’t wait to share the girls back to school looks.  They are going to fight me all the way up to wearing it on the first day of school.

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