Family Halloween Party

Hi Lovelies.  Our annual Halloween Party is this weekend.  If you were following along last week you saw my Holiday Party Tips that will give you all the details that you need to host an amazing Halloween Party.  Today, I’m sharing the specific details for our Halloween Party and everything you need to host the ultimate family Halloween Party.


We go with a very traditional spooky Halloween theme.  We include skeletons, potions, graveyards.  My go to places to shop for Halloween decor is Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Michael’s and  Home Depot. Between these options you can cover your whole house for a reasonable amount of money.  Our decorations have been collected over the years, so it’s definitely hard for me to link all of them for you.


Our Halloween Party is potluck style.  However, we do have a cheese platter, mummy hot dogs, veggies spider web brie and cupcakes. We like to make sure that our guests have a few basic food options in case we end up with a bunch of desserts.  The cupcakes were from Vons and I just add red gel for the blood and the little knives.  The spider web Brie is super easy with two containers of crescent rolls and cherry preserve.  Just make sure the whole cheese is wrapped well in the crescent rolls with all the seams closed.  Then add the spider web details with thin strips of crescent roll.


We also have our signature drink.  This year we stayed with the ever so tasty blackberry margarita, but with an easier recipe this time around.  Here is what we did and it’s easy peasy.

Blackberry Margarita


  • 1 Costco size Tequila
  • 1 750 ML bottle of Blackberry Syrup
  • 20 oz Lime Juice
  • 40 oz orange juice


  1. pour all in a large drink container and refrigerate.  Stir before serving.  You may want to add more orange juice to taste.  It's all a preference. 


Help your friends save their memories from your event with a detailed photo booth.  Your photo booth needs to stand out and make your friends want to snap their selfie.  Chase built this casket for a friends to stand and in and live the vampire life.


We keep the basics.  Chalk, glow sticks, and a few adult games, that include bocci ball and cornhole.  Finally, we put up a movie in the yard.  This year we shared Hotel Transylvania 3.  Which is out on digital copy now and will be available on DVD this Saturday October 13th.  It keeps the kids busy for a few hours and they love it.

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