Guardians Of The Galaxy Family Costumes

October has arrived and I am so excited to share this post with you all this week.  We decided to do a DIY Halloween costume this year.  This is our DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Family Costumes.  The Husbands and I were super easy.  I’m wearing a black corset and black faux leather leggings.  Chase is wearing black denim and a burgundy leather jacket.  The girls costumes took some creativity, lots of hot glue and sewing.

My older daughter is going to be Rocket or Rockette as we have decided to call her.  We made our own spin on Rocket added in some pink and and made her one cool little raccoon.  My younger daughter is going to be Groot or Grootette.  Yes we totally took the boy characters and made them girls.  It’s what we do.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Family Costumes

The ultimate DIY Guardians of the galaxy family costume.

The ultimate DIY Guardians of the galaxy family costume.


Pink Quilted Fabric

Needle and Thread

Black Elastic

Navy Leggings, Gray Long Sleeve Top and Vest

Fanny Pack

Knee Pads

  1. Cut two 6-8 inch squares of the quilted fabric
  2. Sew a 1/2 inch hem
  3. Fold down corners to give shape
  4. Stitch on one band of elastic

Fanny Pack

  1. Cut a quilted fabric 1 inch wider than the face of your fanny pack
  2. Fold edges and sew on to the front of the fanny pack

Add a fake gun and you’ve got one tough raccoon


6-10 yards of cotton rope (depends on height on weight and will also only cover front of body)

Brown Fabric Dye


Hot Glue Gun

Acrylic Paint Dark Brown, Tan, Metallic, and Black

Black Foam Sheets

Black Elastic

Green or Black Leggings and Top

Pants & Top

  1. Dye Rope following the dye instructions
  2. Cut Strips of rope the length of pants and sleeves
  3. Using hot glue gun attach to pants and top layer some and give it variety
  4. Add hot glue in spots to give texture
  5. Mix the paint colors and cover all of the ropes and let dry
  6. Add leaves

Crown & Body

  1. Cut foam in the shape of Groots head
  2. Apply hot glue to give texture
  3. Paint similar to the body
  4. Attach elastic across the back to fit your childs head.
  5. Cut 3 sheets into round edge shapes
  6. Apply hot glue and attach the 3 together
  7. Paint similar to arms and legs and let dry
  8. Hot Glue to Shirt
  9. Add leaves

The grown up costumes were all store bought and can be found here:

 Jacket | Pants | Gray Shirt | Leather Jacket (similar) | Leather Pants (similar) | corset

  This DIY is super easy to do and will be a great unique Guardians of the Galaxy family costumes.  Both costumes took me about two days with most of my time spent on Groot.   I will be sharing a makeup tutorial next week, but if you are looking for some easy makeup inspiration, check out Zombies and Fairies here and my halloween party tips here.


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