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Hello Lovelies.  Our Nation’s Capital is just another place that the hubs and I called home.  We lived outside the district in Northern Virginia (NoVA).  I want to say, when we called NoVA home, I was not happy.  I thought moving to NYC was going to be it for me and all would be right on our East Coast journey.  Looking back now, I didn’t realize how great it was to live there.  We always think this grass is greener. Don’t we?

Turns out I was wrong and a little part of me misses DC.  It’s a great city with so much to do and see.  It’s an easy commute to NYC, only 3 hours by train.  There are gorgeous trails and state parks just outside the city, most of which are free.  So, today I am putting together my guide to DC.

 When planning your trip to DC, be sure you check out the Donovan Hotel.  They have the most amazing customer service.  There is also a great W location right in the heart of downtown with a rooftop bar that has amazing views, including the White House.

The Mall


If you know DC, then you know this isn’t really a mall.  This is the area where all of the museums and national monuments are located.  By far, the one thing that you absolutely must do is venture here.  Even if you don’t step foot in a museum (which are free by the way)  you will be so happy you saw this.  From the white house, to the capital building, this is just a magnificent sight.  Running along the Potomac river, this area of DC is the whole reason why people flock here.  My fave museums were Natural History and the Air and Space museum.  Unfortunately, there were so many other museums I would have loved to attended, but they weren’t toddler friendly.

Arlington Cemetery


You will feel chills run through your body.  Walk through this cemetery, stand in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier, pay your respects.  Most importantly, watch the changing of the guard.  It will literary change your life.  I can’t even put into words the emotions I felt on the day we visited Arlington Cemetery. So much appreciation for the brave men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

 Annapolis, MD


Make the 45 minute drive into Annapolis, Maryland, “the sailing capital of the U.S.”.  This was one of our favorite places.  There is so much history here.  From the tree that George Washington stood under when he gave his presidential succession speech, to the cobblestone streets that this great nation was started on.  Annapolis is by far my favorite family place on the east coast.



Georgetown is the cutest part of the district.  With great shops, food and the gorgeous waterfront where the million dollar yachts are parked, this place has it all.  This is a great place to get out and walk around.  Grab lunch at one of my favorite spots listed below.  It’s a perfect relaxing day.

DC Zoo


The DC Zoo is FREE!! Yes free.  So when you are in the district, make sure you venture out to Columbus circle and see the DC Zoo.  I love the scenery at this Zoo and they have a great variety of animals.  It’s not the most walkable animal park.  It has a lot of hills, but is worth the trip. A little tip: Park outside of the district and take the Metro in if possible, parking is a nightmare!

Great Falls Park


  Take a step back from the urban life and see one of the most beautiful state parks.  If you are there in the spring or summer, you will be in heaven.  These hiking trails and views of the Great Falls on the Potomac river are amazing.  I never made it to Maryland side, but the Virginia side was always gorgeous and the trails never disappointed.

The Metro


Ride the metro.  The stops in DC have beautiful architecture inside.  I was always fascinated by the architecture in the DC metro stations.  Just pay attention to the signs, the fares there are totally crazy because you pay a different rate for every stop. Also, make sure you stop at Union Station. Not only is it gorgeous inside, it also has a ton of restaurants and shops, including high end designers. Who would’ve thought?



  1. Paul – Several locations throughout the district.  We frequently went to the Georgetown location.  Make sure you get the macarons.  I loved the raspberry oversized macaron.
  2. Il Canale – Amazing italian food in Georgetown.  Down a small side street, this place has great, authentic pizza, and we always had great service.
  3. Dean & Deluca – This is an east coast thing.  Grocery store, coffee shop, sandwich shop and prepared meals.  Everything is fresh and so tasty.  It is a bit pricey for what you are getting, but it is quality food.
  4. Ted’s Bulletin – Good American food.  Must try the grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Always finish your meal with a homemade Pop Tart.
  5. Georgetown Cupcake – Amazing cupcakes.  Try to go to one of the other locations besides the one in Georgetown.  Unless things have changed, I always remember there being really long lines.
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