Holiday Decor

Hi Lovelies,  I am finally sharing my Christmas decor today.  I had every intention of getting this post up last Friday, but we had family visiting and I just decided that this post could wait a few more days.

I decided this season I wanted a very clean and classic take on holiday decor.  I chose all white, silver and gold to decorate our home.  It’s looking like a white Christmas in our house.   Here is a sneak peak around our house this holiday season.

Starting with our Christmas tree.  Perfectly decorated with white, silver and gold.  Finished off with very basic brown paper wrapping paper and chalkboard name tags.  I love this simple look and it will probably stick around for years to come. christmas14






holiday decor

holiday decor1

This “Baby it’s cold outside” sign was just too perfect and had to be added in somewhere.  It has a perfect place on a mirrored end table in our living room.


Finishing with our dining room table.  Sticking with simple colors and natural elements mixed with the touches of gold and silver.  I did move the second set of wine glasses to give a better view of the center piece.

holiday decor



What are your musts for your holiday decor?  Or your favorite tips for the Christmas tree decor?


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