How To Keep Your Car Clean With Kids

Happy Monday lovelies.  We just got a new family car two weeks ago, and it’s my dream car. Lexus finally came out with a third row RX.  We picked up our RX350L in white with black leather interior.   So, I’m trying to keep it clean and that is a chore with two kids and a busy schedule.  To start check out these tips from to Manage a messy car.  They recommend dark leather interior and seat protectors. We have both and I definitely recommend dark leather and the seat protectors.  This helps to catch any snacks that fall through and if something does spill it’s not glaringly obvious.

Here are some additional tips on how to keep your car clean with kids that we have enforced to help keep our cars looking new.

Keep A Trash Bag In Your Car

Key to clean up is a place for your kids to throw their trash.  We have one in the back seat and the front seat.  Especially when we are taking road trips.  The bag needs to be easily accessible for the whole family. Another great option is putting a small bag in every lower door storage.  Giving your kids somewhere to put their trash is the start to a clean car.  Before I kept trash bag inside the kids would just throw it down on the seat.  Making a huge mess.

Keep Storage For Toys & Books

The back seat storage compartments are great, or you can also just keep a storage bin to hold their toys and stow it under the seat.  You can see great storage options in my road trip essential posts.  Also, check out how to serve up snacks.  Leaving a tupperware container in your car and storing non-perishable snacks is a great idea.  They can also throw the trash back into the container.

Clean Out Your Car Every Evening

My girls are known for taking their shoes off, leaving jackets and a billion other things in the car every day.  A new rule we have, is they must remove all of their belongings every night.  Two weeks in and it’s going so well.  I love that I’m not missing socks anymore (well besides the ones the washer eats) and their shoes are always in the closet now.  I should have enforced this rule a long time ago to keep my car clean with kids.

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