How To Pack A Suitcase For An Adventure Vacation

Hi Lovelies.  I am so excited to be heading out on our summer vacation this Friday.  We will be making our way to Las Vegas where we will stay at The Bellagio.  One of my fave hotels.  Then we will make the long trek to Park City, Utah where we are staying at The Marriott’s Summit Watch.  This whole vacation is about us getting outside and spending time together hiking, boating and seeing all the outdoor adventures that Park City and it’s neighboring towns have to offer.  While I pack us for 8 day vacay, I thought it would be a great time to share my tips on how to pack a suitcase for an adventure vacation.

I feel like every time we travel it’s to some place totally different and requires our suitcases to have completely different items.  As a fashion blogger, I still want to look good while we hike and tour all the beautiful sites in Utah.  With that said, here are my tips to pack your suitcase with everything you will need for your excursions.

How to pack a suitcase for adventure vacation. - The Fashionista Momma

Know Before You Go


This is  so important when packing for any vacation.  Be sure to know what your plans are.  If you don’t want to have a set plan, at least have an idea of what you plan on doing while you are there.  For example, will you be swimming, hiking, boating, snorkeling or fishing?  This will help you plan your wardrobe while you are away.  This will also help you save money because you won’t have to be making any last minute shopping runs to pick up items you don’t have.


This is sunscreen, bug spray, more sunscreen, baby powder, band aids, pain relievers, any allergy medications or creams that you may need if you get bit or stung by something.  The last thing you want is to need one of these items.  I recommend a travel first aid kit like this one.  If you are flying, don’t forget to take out the scissors and tweezers.  Did I mention to grab that sunscreen and bug spray?  These days, you can buy almost anything in travel size, so be sure to stock up.  If you have small children, I also recommend bringing any flotation devices you may need for those pool days.



If you plan on doing a lot of hiking, be sure to bring two pairs of athletic shoes.  This will help you avoid blisters and also if something happens to one pair, you have back up.  There is always a chance your shoes will get wet or muddy.  Check out the reviews of the lake you will be visiting.  Sometimes water shoes are recommended if it is rocky.  If you will be boating and are ok sporting water shoes, grab a pair. I love to boat, but you probably won’t find me in the water, so I don’t ever do this.  However, if I was a water person, I would want to know the situation of the lake.  Bring flip flops or some sort of sandal for the off days.  If this is a cold weather adventure, you can always do wool socks or UGGS.  Just to give your feet a little break from shoes.



I know your suitcase can get pretty packed, but I definitely recommend packing extras of your important items.  This includes underwear, socks, hiking gear, and bathing suits.  You really never know what can happen.  Also, see if your hotel has a laundry facility and towels available that you can use for pool or lake days.  If they don’t, you may want to throw in a beach towel or two.  To keep yourself stylish on your hiking days, I love an oversized t-shirt with leggings and my sneakers.  I would try to wear pants when hiking, it’s just an additional layer to protect you from the elements, and poisonous plants and bugs.

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