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Hi Lovelies.  I have come to realize I have a serious sugar addiction.  I am pretty sure it was my pregnancy with my second child.  LOL.  That little girl had me eating all sorts of cakes and cookies.  Ever since then, I snack on candy and sugary treats.  It’s crazy.  I decided I needed to give my body a jump start.  So, I thought I would try a three day juice cleanse.  Now, normally I would jump in and juice myself, but with my schedule as full as it is, I knew I had to find a local juice shop to get the juice done for me.

The Juice Stop at The Island Carlsbad has a great seven day cleanse.  You can choose any combination of juices or take all seven.  They juice it for you and you just have to pick it up.  You can pick up you juice at once, or they will so kindly have your juice ready every day around 7am.  It’s perfect.  So, last week I picked up my three huge mason jars of juice and started my cleanse.  I did have light food while following this fast because drinking only juice for three days was a bit of challenge for me.  I kept to all plant based items.  I allowed myself to have acai, and a salad each day.  After my three days I am feeling lighter and a healthier.  It’s amazing what a juice cleanse can do for your body.  So, for today I have three tips to make a juice fast work for you.

The juice cleanse tips that will save you while you cleanse.

Eliminate Sugar

The juice cleanse tips that will save you while you cleanse.

First and foremost eliminate sugar and caffeine.  Take a break from your regular coffee and switch it up for a caffeine free tea.  You may have a light headache as you give up your addiction,  but it will so be worth it.  Your body will feel like a million bucks.

Warm Lemon Water

The juice cleanse tips that will save you while you cleanse.

  Juice Cleanse or not, warm lemon water is a great way to start your day.  It will get your digestive system going first thing.  This morning water routine will rehydrate you and flush your system. Giving you a fresh start to your day.

Eat Light

 The juice cleanse tips that will save you while you cleanse.

I love juice fasts, but as a mom going several days with no food, isn’t really my thing anymore.  So, if your like me and a juice fast is too much, add light food to your plan.  Fresh fruits for breakfast and a salad mid day.  This will keep you full and feeling good.  Keep your salad fresh with olive oil and vinegar, or lemon juice and avocado.

  After three days you will feel like a million bucks.  Another week into a healthier life and I am feeling great.  Now, I’m just counting down the days for the new Anytime Fitness to have their soft opening in December at The Island.  Then I can get my workout in and follow up with a yummy acai bowl from Juice Stop.  I love being able to make all my stops in one place.   What about you?  Have you tried a juice cleanse before?  Do you love it?

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