Last Minute Valentine’s Date Ideas

Happy Tuesday lovelies.  Valentine’s Day isn’t a big holiday in our house because typically I am in NYC.  I don’t think I have been home for Valentine’s Day in a few years.  We always are celebrating on a random day.  This year I will actually spend Valentine’s Day on my flight home from NYC.  If you are still trying to decide on what to do for Valentine’s Day, today I am sharing a few fun and meaningful last minute Valentine’s Date Ideas.

The Fashionistas Momma shares her favorite last minute Valentin;es date ideas.

Cook A Fancy Dinner Together

The is the easiest last minute date idea.  If your parents, it’s also the most convenient.  You can put your littles to bed and stir up something fancy together.  Sit down with candles and have good conversation and enjoy a homemade dinner.

Go Ice Skating

There is just something about ice skating that screams love to me.  I guess it’s the cold temperatures and because it’s not a skill most people have.  So, you are stumbling and cuddling together just trying to make it around the rink.

Wine Tasting

  Another one of the great last minute Valentine’s Date Ideas is to go wine tasting together.  We live a hop skip and jump away from Temecula so it’s easy for us to do a winery.  But, if your hometown is lacking in options, you can always do a beer tasting at a brewery or find a local wine bar that has a wine tasting menu and some snacks.

Romantic Picnic

  Ok so this is not an option for everyone as the temperatures where you live could be mighty cold.  If you live in a warmer climate, you can pack a romantic picnic with wine or sparkling whatever.  If it’s still a little chilly bundle up and  bring extra blankets.  Snuggle up and enjoy some time together outside.

Don’t forget to celebrate your friends with these easy Galentine’s Day Ideas

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