Maternity Style For Fall

Let me start off with NO I am not prego but, this weekend my family and I attended a fun event in Baltimore called Due Date.  I will get to the details below but, seeing all the cute prego bellies and new mommas walking around made me miss being pregnant. They were all so adorable.  So, I thought for this week I would share a few maternity style ideas for all of you lovely ladies expecting little bundles of joy.  I also want to recommend checking out Walking in Memphis in Heels for some prego style inspiration.  Laura is so cutely pregnant.  Anyway here are my three maternity style for fall outfit inspirations for all of you soon to be mommas.

maternity style

Maternity All Black
Plaid love

I want to finish off with a little blurb about the Due Date Baby event because I was really impressed with the location, the vendor selection, and all of the staff involved.  It really was an event for moms to be all the way to moms with young children.  My girls were with me and they had a blast.  There was coloring and activities for the kiddies.  The vendors included photographers, schools, Gymboree, cute boutique shops and let me finish with one of the best bakeries I have ever tasted, Ashley’s Sweet Beginnings.  They had yummy cupcakes and macaroons.  If you live in the DC/Baltimore area check them out.  Oh and just one more tidbit they do offer custom cake services in several states in the eastern area (contact them for details but, I believe its Philly to NC).  I am so sad because I even took a photo for you all but, sadly it didn’t turn out well at all. 🙁  Lesson learned one of the few times I only snapped one photo and of course it didn’t turn out.
  They had grab bags filled with great coupons and a few products for you to take home and a little added perk was discounted entry into one of our favorite kid museums Port Discovery.  Sorry for my link overload today there was just so many great things I wanted to share.  🙂  I hope you all are enjoying fall and best wishes to all of you cute little mommies to be.  I am a little jealous of your baby bump today.  

Much Love  & Style,
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