Minnie Mouse Party

Hi Lovelies. Another birthday party completed and ready to share. A little back story, my youngest daughter has a holiday birthday. She falls on Thanksgiving weekend almost every year. This past year we had just moved, settling in and then getting ready for Christmas. It was madness. So, we decided for her third birthday we would celebrate 3.5. Here we are in June with her 3.5 Minnie Mouse party.

As always I had my budget of $250 for the whole party.   I came in just a little over because I decided to do two separate cakes.

Here is how the Minnie Mouse party turned out.  I even included the DIY instructions for the table decor.








Minnie Mouse Party Menu
Hot Diggity Dog Bar
Plutos PB&J
Daisy’s Veggie Cups
Mickeys Snacks
Figueroa’s Fruit Sticks
Minnie’s Bow Tie Pasta

Table cards and subway sign – Grace Bradford designs
Cake – Vons
Banner – DIY Michaels
Serving trays – Target
Pink Candy – Party City
Wooden Cupcake – That Grind Life (Instagram)
Minnie Mouse Table Décor – DIY

Large Minnie Mouse

Wooden dowel

Foam circle

2 Foam flat circle

Black spray paint

2 inch colored ribbon of your choice

  1.  Spray Paint foam black.  It will take a few coats.  Let dry
  2.  Cut wooden dowel into 2-2 inch pieces
  3.  Attach dowel on foam flat circle a small amount out
  4. Press the remainder of the dowel into the foam circle at angle
  5. Tie a ribbon into a large bow and attach with a hot glue gone

Minnie Mouse Center Piece

2 small foam balls

1 medium foam ball

1 foam half circle

Black & hot pink spray paint

1 wooden dowel cut into 1 large piece and 2-2 inch pieces

Small ceramic pot

3/4 inch ribbon of your choice

1 cupcake topper label

  1.  Spray paint foam and large dowel black.  Spray paint the pot hot pink.  It will take a few coats.  Let dry.
  2.  Press small dowels 1 into each small foam ball.
  3. Attach small foam balls to medium ball
  4. Press large dowel into the bottom of medium foam ball.
  5. Press half foam circle upside down into pot.
  6. Press large dowel into foam pot.
  7. Tie ribbon into bow and hot glue onto mouse head.
  8. Attach cupcake topper to pot.  My labels were on card stock, so I hot glued it to the pot.

We had a swim party with a blow up slide and pool in the backyard. The kids had a blast and spent the whole time swimming. It was a gorgeous day in Southern California and the perfect weather for our swim party.

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  1. June 17, 2016 / 1:37 pm

    What a fun party!!

  2. June 23, 2016 / 4:21 pm

    Those are some cute party decorations and food ideas!

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