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Hi Lovelies. I’m beginning to realize that I don’t give myself enough credit for the blog I have created and the money I am making as a blogger. For a long time, I have thought I wasn’t good enough to be telling people how monetize their blogs. I’m starting to realize I’m actually pretty good at what I do. I just wish I would have found more information that was tailored to the blogging community I wanted to build when I first started. I felt like you were either a fashion blogger or a mom blogger. That middle ground is few and far between. So, today, I am going to share my top 5 affiliate networks for those of that are mommas who love fashion.

My Top 5 affiliate networks to earn money as a blogger. - The Fashionista Momma

Social Fabric

You have to apply for SoFAB and be accepted. If you have the following and the blog content to get accepted, this is one of my favorites. As a fashion blogger, they don’t have a ton of campaigns. However, I always like to check because there are a lot of times I can find something that will fit perfect for my content. Since I talk a lot about parties and health, it’s a little easier for me to find campaigns that will fit. If you are strictly a personal style blog, you have a bit more trouble.   However, these are flat pay campaigns, which I love because you know exactly how much you will be making.


Linqia will have more fashion related campaigns, but they are pay per a click, which can be stressful. If you are just starting out, it can be even a little more overwhelming. You may have to work extra hard for those clicks. I love the products I have received from my Linqia campaigns, and I have great contacts, so I definitely recommend checking it out.



Each brand you work with on CJ has an account manager. You also have people who will help you work with brands that you may be interested in collaborating with. I just recently did a campaign and my CJ contact was amazing. It’s another way to reach big brands without having to hunt down the PR contact yourself.


Reward Style

This is another one that you have to be accepted to and is pay per a purchase. I love Reward Style. The way you can get links to products, straight from the retailer’s site, is a huge plus. It also makes your linking super easy by allowing you to create widgets, ads and text links.


Shopstyle Collective

This ad network is pay per a click. If you find your readers are using your links, but not necessarily purchasing, this is the way to go. Shopstyle like RewardStyle is easy to create links and widgets. The perfect way to share your style with your readers.

If you have a blog, what are some of your favorite networks to monetize your blog?

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  1. August 17, 2016 / 1:46 pm

    I have not heard of the first two before! I am interesting hearing about Linqia!

    • August 20, 2016 / 11:15 pm

      Really? You have to check them out. I have done a Thred Up campaign and WeWood watch campaign with them. xo ~ Megan

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