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Hi Lovelies.  I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day.  I am uncomfortably sitting on my flight home from NYFW.   Reality check.  Life of a blogger may look super awesome, we get to do cool stuff right?  But, man I get tired.  Some days I feel like I live at full speed every day.  Today, I worked a show, lugged my luggage to lunch with friends, left early sat in what seemed like the longest Uber ride to JFK, only to board my plane and lose half my seat to the person next to me and get hit by every single person who walks down the aisle.  I thought I would take this time to talk about the NYFW trends I was so excited to see on the runway.

These are my favorite NYFW trends and what I think we will be seeing in the stores this upcoming season.

NYFW Trends that you must try for fall by popular Los Angeles fashion blogger The Fashionista Momma

NYFW Trends – Fur

So we all know fur has been making this crazy appearance every where.  It’s not going anywhere.  It’s adoring coat collars, full length coats, and is the finishing touch to a pair of shoes.  Take your pick you can find fur on almost every piece of clothing.

NYFW Trends – Bold Colors

Every color in the rainbow made it’s way down the rainbow.  If you don’t love color, you need to start embracing it immediately.  Red, yellow, purple, green and blue color is the thing of the future.  Say good-bye to grey.   Tibi, Prabal, R13 Denim, Son Jung Wan all filled the run way with bright and unique color combos.

NYFW Trends – The Cowboy Boot Mash Up

  I’m sure this boot has a name.  I should google it. LOL.  I am calling it  the cowboy boot mashup.  Pointed toe, the heel and curve top of a cowboy boot,  but in patent leather, snakeskin, white and bold colors.  The cowboy boot mashup is the new shoe trend.  It’s so new I can barely even find it in stores.

NYFW Trends – Suits

A classic blazer and trouser.  Fashion week is bringing it back.  Women wearing suits.  That strong we are the future vibe.  Were not walking around in black on black though. Prints and colors are the way to go.  Or just throw your blazer with almost anything in your closet.  For example my outfit on Tuesday with the track pants and a blazer.

Shop the NYFW Trends Here:

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