Raising An Adventurer

I can’t tell you how many times, I hear the statement “Are you sure it’s safe for the girls?”   I know some people may not agree with the choices my husband and I make for our children, and that’s okay. They are our children and I know I’m not putting them in any more danger then when I put them in the car to drive them to school.   I know I want to be raising an adventurer.

Why you should be raising an adventurer. - The Fashionista Momma

I want them to question life, and see all that the world has to offer. I don’t want them to be scared, or to be blind to different cultures and the history of the world. Yes, maybe they are a little young to be learning about slavery and war, but the knowledge they get from visiting plantations and civil war sites is worth the tough questions we have to answer.  Yes, maybe taking them white water rafting, or snowboarding at 3 years old seems a little unsafe. However, I see their eyes light up and I see them go from fearful to joyful everyday. We are teaching them to face their fears and never give up. We are teaching them to ask questions, to explore and discover all that the world has to offer them. I have answered questions about the circle of life, and if carnivore dinosaurs are the reason my daughter can never see a long neck. She intently listened to my response of what they think happened to the dinosaurs and why she will never see a dinosaur.  She went on to ask questions about tectonic plates, why they move and how the earth changes.  I sat in awe at my 5 year old asking these questions. Questions that she may not have asked if we weren’t standing in a natural history museum.

Why you should be raising an adventurer. - The Fashionista Momma

This is why I will never stop raising an adventurer.  I will never stop pushing their limits and holding their hands through a scary cave. These experiences are building strong, confident little girls that will one day be strong confident women. Those strong confident women will continue to ask questions and never be afraid of change. Change is inevitable, it is life, and I know that by raising an adventurer they will always be prepared for change. I know that if for some reason tomorrow were the end, I would have no regrets. They will have memories that most people don’t get in a lifetime.

Why you should be raising an adventurer. - The Fashionista Momma

If there is one piece of advice I want to give to other parents, it’s to share adventures with your children. Maybe you were a world traveler before children, or maybe you never left your hometown. Whoever you are, get out and build memories.  Growing up in a house that focused on travel, all of my best memories are the adventures I had with my grandma and grandpa.  They are why I am doing this for my girls.  I have vivid memories of Cabo, Indian ruins and the Grand Canyon.  My family wasn’t rich, but my grandparents always made sure we saved money to see the world.

Just remember, you don’t have to have a ton of money to raise an adventurer. You can find free museums, local historical sites and hiking trails. Start with small adventures and as they grow their adventures grow. Our family travels domestically while our girls are young, and as they grow, we will venture to new countries.  They will grow, learn other cultures and have a new appreciation for all that they are blessed with.


Don’t be afraid, don’t make up excuses. Life is short, and the world is vast.


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