Skin Care Regimen And A Giveaway

Hi Lovelies.  Have you ever had something happen at just the perfect time?  It’s like someone knew your struggle and was like, no worries, I got you.   Today, I am sharing one of those moments.  I have been trying skin care after skin care over the last few months.  Buying trial sizes and trying to find something that made my skin feel refreshed and smooth.  Age, lack of sleep, and poor diet have not been on my side these days.  I need all the help I can get.  Anyway, I digress.  In my madness of skin care regimens, I got an email to try out a new product,  Silk Therapeutics.

I thought, why not share the perfect skin care regimen with these fabulous new products as the focus.

Remove Makeup

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I feel like this is a no-brainer, but I am shocked at how many people don’t do this.  Sleeping with your makeup on, is a terrible idea.  It will age you, clog your pores and is all around not healthy for your skin.  Your skin needs to breath and be clean.

 Wash Face

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After removing your makeup, cleanse your face.  Use luke warm water, not hot water and a mild soap.  Fun fact: your face wash doesn’t have to bubble.  That’s an additive that you don’t really need and it can dry the skin.  Leave your soap on your face to help break down any dirt and left over makeup, then rinse and pat dry.

After Wash Care


I received three products from their Fortify Collection for after wash care that are a perfect combination.  They also check off a lot of boxes for me, minimal ingredients and no chemicals.  Silk Therapeutics also has silk technology that you can read about here.

  I fell in love with this product right away.  The second I put the Eye Revive on, I could feel my skin tighten.   The Eye Revive has 6 simple ingredients to brighten and tighten the under eye area.  The C Advance has started to work on my fine lines with a dose of stabilized vitamin C.  I have been applying morning and evening under Purely Smooth.  The Purely Smooth cream reduces fine lines and evens skin tone with the highest concentration of Pure Silk to help promote collagen production.   The only thing you have to watch out for is if you apply too much of the eye cream, it can flake.  It happened to me only once and I freaked out for a quick minute and read the information and it’s totally normal.  So, just be sure to use a small amount.

The last key step is to apply a sunscreen.  Always.  Find one that suits your needs.  I like a light weight natural sunscreen.  I use different ones all the time, It’s all about where I am when I realize I’m out and what is the best one I can find.


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Your skin is your biggest organ, take care of it.  All the products in the world won’t save you if you don’t take care of yourself.  Eat healthy and exercise.  Sweat helps to detoxify your skin.  So, get out and work it girl.

  Finally, I am so excited to have a giveaway for all of you.  I have partnered up with Silk Therapeutics to give away a bottle of The C Advance Serum.

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