Stylish Saturday: Faux Leather & Thigh Highs

  So, we have officially decided on our move and will be calling Hoboken, NJ home in March.  I am so excited and so stressed.  Another huge load of stuff to do in a short period of time.  We have started downsizing and changing our furniture.  Eek.
  For today’s Stylish Saturday I wanted to share an outfit I wore out the other night for a Mom’s Night Out.  I always love a reason to dress up and I was so excited to style my new thigh high Sam Edelman boots.  It was much needed time with mommy friends and I can’t say enough about how great this group is.  I wish I had more time to see them all but, it’s always tough getting everyone’s schedules to match up.  I’m sure all of you mommas know exactly what I am talking about.  Here is my Mom’s Night Out style.   Don’t mind my squinty eyes I was up until 2am gossiping with friends and I could use a nap. lol.


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