The Key To Perfect Eyebrows

Happy start of February! Today, I’m throwing up some more beauty posts with my tips for the key to perfect eyebrows.  It’s taking me quite awhile to really master my eyebrows.  I don’t want them to be too perfect, or too dark.  Now, that I feel like I finally go it down to a science, Here they are.  You can also watch my YouTube video to see exactly how to create this look.

The key to perfect eyebrows.

Don’t Over Tweeze

   We can all get tweezer happy.  Be careful.  Only tweeze what falls on the outside of your normal brow.  To ensure an accurate brow size take a pencil and hold directly along your nose your brow should start right where the pencil hits.  If you were to do the same thing, but at an angle outward along the outer edge of the eye that is where the brow should end.  The arch of the brow should hit extending through the middle of the eye.

Use A Shadow, And A Pencil

Some people will tell you to only use shadows to avoid harsh lines.  The trick is to use light strokes.  I love both, but in my YouTube video I focused on just pencil to keep it easy.   Fill in any bald spots and the end of the brows with the pencil.   Use the shadow and run along the bottom of the brow and then pull the color up.  Filling in the brows.

Set With A Brow Gel

Obviously with any makeup it won’t last all day.  I like to set my brows with a brow gel.  Lightly brush the hairs at the start of your brow upward and softly extend out.

Clean Them Up With Concelear

Finally, if you have the right brush it’s just a few more seconds to clean up the edges with a concealer.  When choosing your concealer, go with a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone.  This will make your eyebrows pop.  Outline your brows and blend into your foundation.

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  Don’t neglect your eyebrows.  You could literally just fill in your eyebrows, put on a BB cream or tinted moisturizer and mascara.  Your eyebrows frame your eyes.  Be sure that your brow color is never too dark.  It shouldn’t be more than one shade darker than your hair.

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