The Perfect Bathing Suit For Every Body Type

Hi Lovelies.  If you are signed up for the newsletter, you received these tips back in June.  I love this topic and had to share it with everyone.  If you aren’t signed up for the newsletter, be sure to join in here.  You will get weekly tips to enhance your personal style.  Everything from trends, to little tips about confidence.  Today, it’s all about finding the perfect bathing suit for your body type.

The perfect bathing suit for every body type from wardrobe stylist The Fashionista Momma.

Small Bust

  Deep V and/or detail on the bust and additional padding.  Try fringe, a lace layer on the bust or a printed top and simple bottoms.
Large Bust

  Look for underwire, Wide straps and cup size specific bathing suits.  These will provide the support you need.  You can do print or patterns.  If you want to draw attention away from the bust wear a solid top and printed bottom.  Or look for a bathing suit with hip details.
Rectangle Shape

Cutouts, bold prints and details on the top and bottoms.  If you want a one piece choose one with waist definition, color blocking or waist detail.
Apple Shape

High Waisted, or a wrap waist with built in tummy support.  If you want a two piece go with high waisted, print on top and a solid bottom.


Pear Shape

  A pear shape wants to avoid hip detail and add detail to the top.  Similar to the small bust, look for fringe, patterns, metal details on the straps.  Also, pay attention to wear the hip cutout falls.  You want to avoid the bathing suit ending or starting at your widest point of your hips.

Strawberry Shape

The Strawberry shaped wants to focus on deep V, simple tops and detailed bottoms.  This helps to balance the body creating the hourglass shape.
 Do you know your body type?  If not, I will be getting back to the body shape series and tips for finding the best items for your shape.  There are so many ways to make an item work for everyone.  You just have to know what to look for in the cut, details and pattern placement.
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