The Perfect Bathing Suits For Moms

Hi Lovelies.  Happy Wednesday, and I know I am a little late in summer to be sharing the perfect bathing suit for moms.  But, my editorial calendar really gets away from me. So, here I am coming into August talking bathing suits. LOL.  These are all the details to look for to create a balanced body that you will love to see in the mirror in the bathing suit.


High Waisted

We all know that kids can cause us a little bit of some trouble in the lower belly area.  Thank goodness that high waisted bathing suits are in style.  Rock a 2 piece with the comfort of a high waist.  You can even get a control top.  Which if your tummy is your trouble spot, this is like the best invention ever.   Here are two tricks to balancing your body shape.  If you have broad shoulders (inverted triangle) put the print on the bottoms.  If you are a pear shape put a solid bottom with a patterned top.

One Piece

Nowadays, we have so many choices of cute one piece bathing suits.  Patterns, solids, underwire, there are so many great choices to help maximize your assets.  Same tips apply if you are going for a mixed pattern solid be sure to put the print on the body part you want to enhance.  If you have broad shoulders avoid anything that will widen them.  For example ruffles, or a high neck.  Deep V’s are always a great option.  If you have broad hips, crochet or details on the shoulders are a must.

Cut Out

A simple cut or low back can really put focus on the parts of the body you love.  If you have a strong defined back, a low cut back is a great option.  You can also do cutouts on the sides or just below your bust.  These are great ways to show a little skin.  Just be sure you have the proper fit, because a bulge in the wrong place is never pretty.


Where the breastfeeding mommas at?  Underwire is a saving grace!! My chest is not where it used to be. LOL.  So finding a bathing suit with underwire and maybe a little bit extra padding is an added bonus.  Check out all of my favorite options below.

The Perfect Bathing Suits For Moms featured by popular Los Angeles fashion blogger, The Fashionista Momma

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