The Perfect Jumpsuit For Every Body Shape

Hi Ladies.  Today, I am talking about the perfect jumpsuit for every body shape.  There is something for everyone, you just have to look at the cut, fit and fabric.  Here are all the tips that break down the perfect jumpsuit for every body shape.  Some body shapes will have similar tips to finding the perfect jumpsuit or romper.  It’s always about creating balance in the body.


The Perfect Jumpsuit For Every Body Shape featured by popular Los Angeles fashion blogger, The Fashionista Momma

The Perfect Jumpsuit for an Apple

If you are an apple shape, a flowy fabric is an excellent choice.  You want something that flows away from the body. Linen and chambray are great fabric choices.  A high waist definition is another great option.  Give the illusion of curves but be sure that it the fabric doesn’t hug to tight at the widest point.

The Perfect Jumpsuit for a Pear

A pear shape is going to look the best in a softer fabric with an empire waist that then flows away from the body.   If you are looking for a denim go for a straight or wide leg.   Look for details on the upper body to draw the upward.

The Perfect Jumpsuit for a Rectangle

A rectangle shape needs definition and shape.  If you can find a pair with a drawstring or stretchy fabric and add feminine touches.  For example, ruffles and florals to create a more feminine look.

The Perfect Jumpsuit for an Hourglass

Keep the defined waist with a cinched in waist or an empire waist.  Show off your legs, with a romper instead of a full jumpsuit.  Look for a balanced fit and shorts or pants that fit properly.

The Perfect Jumpsuit for an Inverted Triangle

Show off your fit upper body.  Go with a deep V or details on the lower body.  Avoid ruffles and details on the upper body.  A pattern on the lower body or any details like pleats etc are a great options as well.

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