Time Management Tips For Busy Moms

Hi Lovelies.  Happy Monday.  I’m currently in NYC living the stylist life.  The past couple weeks I have heard repeatedly that I volunteer to much and I am the busiest mom.  I feel like I am always defending my crazy life.  The reality is I function better in chaos.  I have a system, that has worked for me for the past two years and I thought it would be a great idea to share my time management tips for busy moms.

These easy time management tips for busy moms will help save you balance a busy schedule. - Time Management Tips For Busy Moms by popular LA mom blogger The Fashionista Momma


  One Task At A Time

When you have 500 things happening in the next two weeks, the best thing to do is finish one before you start the next.  For example, I was leaving for NYC Thursday of last week.  Two days after I get home I’m hosting our Daisy Valentine’s Meeting and organizing a class Valentine’s Day party.  Everyone has been asking what I need help with.  Until I get home Monday night, I am not even thinking about the Valentine’s Day party.  I will plan all the details on my flights and organize myself Tuesday.

I am firm believer in this system.  With Amazon offering same day or next day delivery, Target, Walmart and a vast array of stores close to home, you can get anything done in 24 hours. If you take on too many things at one time, it’s inevitable you will miss something.


 Any time management tips for busy moms must include a schedule.  Am I right?  I have my schedule in my phone, written on a large chalkboard in my dining room and in my planner.  Let’s be real, I still forget stuff.  I say yes to things and don’t write it in, I’m notorious for planning more than one playdate for my girls.  I never write those down.  It’s my resolution for the New Year. LOL.

Use Reminders

We all have smartphones right?  Use the reminders and alerts.  I set two alerts for every event that is not a part of normal routine.  So, events I’m covering for the blog, classes I’m subbing at the yoga studio, birthday parties whatever.  I set my alarms based on what I need to get done.  For example, a wardrobe styling job would need a few weeks of prep, vs. a yoga class just needs me to plan the sequence.   The Stylist gig would have a 2 week and a 2 day reminder.  The yoga class, 2 days and a 2 hour reminder.  This gives you time to prepare whatever you need for that activity.


Alright, real talk… I’m terrible at this one.  Like really bad.  But, if I don’t do this I get sick.  Every time.  My body will rally through the craziest weeks, no sleep, standing on my feet for 11 hours for days at a time.  I used to think I could keep going about my normal life after.  No way.   You need sleep and time for your body to rest and reset.  Force yourself to take days off to do nothing.  The mess in your house will still be there.

Practice Mindfulness

Mediate or do yoga.  Be present with whatever you are doing.  Especially when spending time with your children.  When you work from home it’s really easy to reply to emails from your phone.  DON’T.  Give them their time, give your husband his time and give yourself your own time.

Get Off The World Wide Web

Surfing the internet is such a time killer.  Facebook, Twitter, The Gram, can suck you in and waste hours of your life.  Put down your phone.  Get on do what you need to do and get off.  This is another one, I am actively working on this year.  I think sometimes we use our phones to escape the chaos.  Anyone else feel that way?  First step is to catch yourself and put your phone down.  I think this is a big one for time management tips for busy moms.

Say No

Just say No.  Sometimes I feel guilty telling my kids no to playdate because I have work.  I shouldn’t.  My girls are truly blessed with Disney passes, Zoo passes and getting to go on amazing trips.  Yes we may miss out on some playdates, but they have all day with their friends at school.  It just causes me stress which in turn causes me to lose my patience.  Don’t take on more than you can handle.  Saying no is always an option.

Obviously, I am no expert.  However, I have survived a crazy work schedule and raising two girls with a husband that travels.  I teach yoga, I am a wardrobe stylist, a blogger, the room parent and a daisy troop leader.  Our household doesn’t have a maid, or a dog groomer, or a nanny.  I’m just a mom doing my best.  If you love these tips and are looking for more be sure to check out my post on 5 Tips To Stay Organized. I would love to hear your time management tips for busy moms.  What works for you?




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