Tips For Your First Time With Hair Extensions

Hi Lovelies.  I have made it my whole life without ever wearing a hair extensions.  So, when Irresistible Me offered me the opportunity to try them out I was so excited.  Since this was my first time,  I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my learning experience with all of you with the tips for your first time with hair extensions.

Pick Your Color

All the tips you need for your first time with hair extensions.

The great thing about Irresistible Me is you receive a sample of the hair color when you order.  If you aren’t picking up your extensions in person, definitely make sure the company has a great returns and exchanges policy.  If they have a FAQ section, I suggest checking it out.  Look if there are any tips for choosing the hair color.  For example, Irresistible Me recommends going lighter in case you have to dye them.  This is because depositing color is much easier than lifting color.  As you can see, I will need to deposit some color to the roots to blend my extensions a little better into my ombré hair.

Know Your Product

  Make sure you know what you can and can’t do to the hair.  Also, know how you to care for it.  How often you should wash and what products to use.  You want to take care of your extensions, so that you can get more wears out of them.

Go Longer

  I went longer than I thought I needed.  I am actually really happy with that decision and I think it’s a good way to order them.  You can always take away but you can never add length.  Mine are a little too long and I will have my stylist trim them for me, but I am glad I went with the longer set.  Now I can decide on the exact length I want them to be.

Style Before You Clip

So, I did not do this.  Ugh big mistake.  Trying to curl the back of my head was so hard.  It was so thick and really hard to reach.  So, if you plan on curling them do it before you put them in.

Store Them Wisely

When you are done wearing them, brush them out and keep them in a box.  I kept the box they were sent to me in and I store them in there.  It keeps them nice and untangled.

All the tips you need for your first time with hair extensions.

I have always wanted thick long hair.  I know we always want what we can’t have right?  Well, I finally got the thick long hair I always wanted with these Irresistible Me Hair Extensions.  They are Remy All Natural Hair.  you can totally style them like your regular hair.  However, they are chemically treated, so yo have to be careful coloring them.  I love the color and how soft they are.  I can’t say enough good things about these extensions.  Be sure to check back for fun braids with these extensions.

Tips for your first time with hair extensions.

Be sure to check back because, I can’t wait to share braids now!! I love braiding my hair, I try to bribe my older daughter all the time to let me braid her hair.  She got my husbands hair and has long gorgeous thick curls.  Now, I can braid my very own hair!!!

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