Tips For A Perfect Red Lip

Hi Lovelies! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I would share tips for a perfect red lip that will last.  Red lipstick can be a girls worst nightmare, if it is not put on right.  It can fade, smear, and stain.  We all know the feeling of a lipstick mess.  Here are a few tips that will help keep your red lipstick in place and looking gorgeous for your date night.

1.  Exfoliate – For a smooth flake free lip, you need to exfoliate.  A fun tip, apply lip conditioner or coconut oil and take a brow brush and rub off any excess skin.  Pat dry with a tissue.  You can also just apply lip conditioner, let sit, and then pat dry.

2. Use a Primer – Lip Primer helps the color go on smooth and even. It also helps keep your lips soft, and color bright.


3.  Fill in your entire lip with lip pencil – Outline and fill in with a red pencil that is close to the color of lipstick you will be using.


4.  Fill in with lipstick – Use a lip brush and fill in your lip with your color of choice.


There you have it.  The perfect pout.  Of course these tips can be applied to any bold color lipstick and are especially perfect for the popular matte lip you are seeing every where.   I hope you all have a beautiful, perfect Valentine’s Day.



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