Travel Guide To Portland

Happy Wednesday ladies.  I am finally getting around to sharing my travel guide to Portland.  The girls and I had a great couple days in Oregon.  Let me start with, if you don’t know about the food situation in Portland.  You are missing out.  The food is AMAZING.  There is also some great outdoorsy things to do too.  So you can eat all the food and then work it off. LOL.

Washington Park

The travel guide to Portland.

This park is beautiful.  The girls and I hiked through to the Japanese Gardens.  They do have shuttles and buses that run through the park, if you don’t want to walk.  I just have to point out that you need to check the schedules and be sure they are running.  Or your story could end up like mine. Blisters on my feet, 7 mile walk, people feeling sorry for you and giving you free bus passes.  Then chasing after a bus because the bus sign was missing and you were going to miss it.

Portland Japanese Gardens


The Japanese garden is lovely.  The girls and I enjoyed the grounds, the koi fish and the waterfall.  It was beautiful. There was quite a bit of construction, and I am excited to go back and see what they do with the park.  It is beautiful and the girls loved it.  I think their favorite part was the stone staircase and all the fish. Be sure to ask for the kids treasure map.  They will enjoy finding all of the landmark pieces throughout the garden.

The Grotto

The Grotto is a church.  It’s amazing they have built the worship area into a cave cutout.  It was beautiful.  The main part of the church is free. They also have a gorgeous garden that you can pay to visit. It has a great view from one of the meditation rooms.  We have visited so many gardens, that I don’t feel it was a must for us, but if you love gardens and don’t get to see too many this is worth it.

Multnomah Falls

The travel guide to Portland.

The Falls are 20-30 minutes East of the Portland airport.  The waterfall is pretty cool.  You can hike up the side and walk across a bridge that puts you right in front of the falls.  The hike continues up to the top of the falls.  Make a day out of it and eat lunch at the restaurant that is right on site of the falls.  It’s a pretty cool day adventure.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

The perfect family travel guide to Portland.

  Another adventure about 45 minutes out of the city are the gorgeous wooden shoe tulip farm.  Gorgeous tulip fields and lots of fun family activities.  If you go on the weekend they have added bonuses with little popup shops.  They have a beer and wine bar and restaurant on site.  You can make it another whole day.


Thai Me Up – Best thai food I have ever had.  We got pad thai, pineapple fried rice, and spring rolls.  So good!!

Food Trucks – I had an amazing grilled cheese from a grilled cheese food truck called The Grilled Cheese Grill.  Of course I got tomato soup and it was the perfect lunch for a cold day.

VooDoo Doughnuts – If you are food network lover, you know all about VooDoo doughnuts.  They have a fun variety of flavors.

Nel Centro – We were staying in the hotel that this restaurant is in.  We had room service so I can’t speak to the service, but the food was really good.  The hubs and I had steak and the girls had pizza.  It was really yummy.

Pine State Biscuits – Pretty amazing biscuits and they also had pretty tasty pop tarts too!!  The girls didn’t want anything off of their menu so the perk there is also a pizza place in the same space.

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