Travel Guide To Santa Barbara

Hi Lovelies.  I hope the holidays have been treating you well.  We made our way to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving week and I just had to share all of our adventures.  If you live in Southern California it’s a great place to escape to.   It can be such an affordable road trip.  We always shop for great deals and have a system when we travel.  This is my budget friendly guide to Santa Barbara.


There are so many fabulous hikes that you can get in.  It’s absolutely gorgeous. We took in an easy hike and went to Knapp’s castle.  There are hot springs and waterfalls, but those hikes are a little more intense for our littles.  So, we kept it easy with this half mile hike.


All the fun things to do in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara aquarium is at the end of the pier and it’s a pretty cool little spot.  It is a tad small, but they have something really unique that definitely makes it worth checking it out.  They drop a claw down and the kids can pull it up after it scoops up the bottom of the ocean.  The girls pulled up a hotel room key which was something new for the staff. LOL.


So, I recently went back to eating a mostly vegan diet.  So, the food hunt is real.  I found a great Mexican restaurant, Viva.  They had such a great selection of vegetarian meals.  It was heaven.  I picked up the cauliflower steak with sunflower seed risotto. It was amazing and I definitely want to recreate it.  Another great restaurant is Benchmark Eatery, I had their veggie burger and it was pretty tasty.

State Street

There are so many great shops and State Street is so cute and totally worth cruising around.  I checked out all the boutiques and also jumped into a yoga class at CorePower Yoga.



  Take a short drive and you can be in the cute dutch town of Solvang.  There are wineries, great little shops and olive oil tasting shops.  We stopped in to Presidio winery and Solvang Olive Oil Company.  I’m obsessed with their vinegars.  They are amazing and so flavorful. You must try the mission fig vinegar.

  Have you been to Santa Barbara what are your must try places?  I always love hearing other peoples faves!!



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