What To Pack For Winter in New York City

Hi Lovelies.  I will be heading to New York City for NYFW this coming Sunday and I can’t wait to be in my favorite city.  I have shared tips for packing for NYFW in February, but I thought this would be a great time to share key tips on what to pack for winter in New York City.

What To Pack For Winter In New York City

The Fashionista Momma shares what to pack for New York City.

Puffer Coat

A must have when traveling to New York.  The wind tunnels down the streets and pierces regular clothing.  When you get close to the rivers the wind gets stronger and can be really brutal.  You want a coat that is knee length and has a hood, in case there is rain.

Statement Coat

A good wool coat to layer or to wear on its own when the temperatures aren’t horrible.  The weather changes so quickly.  One day it can be 50 degrees followed by 18 degrees.  So having coat options is a must.


I live for the gloves that flip back.  This allows you to free my fingers in case I need to write an email or text message while I’m walking.  It’s so convenient to be able to just fold back the finger portion of the gloves and type.

Infinity Scarf

You will thank me for this one.  The infinity scarf allows you to cover your nose and mouth while still looking cute.  The air gets so cold that it can hurt when it hits your face.  If I wear a hat and an infinity scarf I can pile up the scarf to protect my face.

Inexpensive Boots

  A good pair of inexpensive boots are a must.  I say inexpensive because the salt they put on the sidewalks can ruin leather boots.  My first winter in New York City I wore one of my favorite pairs of boots.  The salt did a number no them. The Fashionista Momma shares what to pack for winter in new York City.

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