What To Pack For Winter In NYC

Hi Lovelies.  With my upcoming NYC trip, I thought I would share what to pack for winter in NYC.  In the city the temperatures can change overnight.  It can be 60 on Tuesday and by the weekend it drops to 20 degrees.  Making sure that you have everything you need to survive the cold weather is vital to enjoying your trip to NYC.

What to pack for winter in NYC. You will be warm and stylish in the coldest months.

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Ear Muffs | Gloves | Thermals | Scarf | Lace Up Boots | Fur Coat | Beanie | Chelsea Boots | Wool Socks | Cowl Neck Sweater | Camisole | Turtleneck

Beanie or Ear Muffs – Bring one of each.  Then you have two different ways to keep your head warm.  Heat escapes from your head so making sure it’s covered is a huge help to surviving colder temperatures.

Gloves –  I love convertible gloves.  This makes typing and using social way easier. You can just flip back the finger cover and you are good to go.

Thermals – Make sure you have a pair of warm long johns.  Then when the really cold day hits, you can layer them under your clothes.  I have worked backstage at fashion week with two pairs of pants on.  So, don’t stress about being too hot when indoors.

Camisole – I always bring several camisoles to give me something to layer.  Give yourself an extra layer and stay warm.

Heavy Coat – Keep it fashionable with a faux fur coat or go with the more classic wool coat.  There are so many options.  Find one you love and that will go with most of your outfits.

Sweaters – All kind of sweaters.  Just make sure that you can mix and match with your pants selection.

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